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Looking for some new friends - young parents

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My name is sarah... I don't know if you would class me as a young mum but I do :D  I am 25 yrs old and live in Brisbane, Australia.  I am a hairdresser by trade but have been a SAHM for the past 4 years.  I have 2 kiddies.  Harrison is 3.5yrs and Indiana is 2 next month. 
I love being a mum....my journal is pretty much about my kids, hubby, renovations, friends, shopping and alot of randomness!  I love cooking, scrapbooking, music, the great outdoors, gardening, sewing and hairdressing.
I am looking for some new friends to get to know.  I really don't mind where you are from or how old you are I just love to meet new people.

So if you would love an Aussie friend who's open, truthful and love's life..add me. :)


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